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Cybernetics and occupational science: necessary to understand technological disruptions

To really understand how technological disruptions work and how they affect people's well-being, we need to use a mix of cybernetics science and occupational science. And when it comes to policy, we need to think beyond just productivity and jobs. It's important to consider the impact of technology on people's lives and the way they engage in all kinds of everyday occupations.

A good example of this is how the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to use online food delivery services and remote work technologies. These changes were made to keep people safe, but they also had some unintended consequences.

We think it's urgent to consider the ethical implications of how technological innovations can affect people's lives. It's not just about making things more efficient or increasing wealth - it's about making sure that technology is actually improving our daily occupations in a meaningful and purposeful way.

Reference: P. H. Albuquerque & S. Albuquerque, Social implications of technological disruptions: A transdisciplinary cybernetics science and occupational science perspective, 2023 IEEE International Symposium on Ethics in Engineering, Science, and Technology (ETHICS), West Lafayette, IN, USA, 2023, pp. 1-5.



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